The Plug



The Process

As in any major project, it did not begin when signs of construction were noted. The mental process of organization, logistics, scheduling, materials and education started earlier. Dave and Bob live 1-3/4 hours apart. While both can do all, Bob has the professional wood and metal shop and Dave's is equipped for fiberglass and lead fabrication. Hours of talk preceded the first cutting of wood in January 2002.


Paper tracings from the drawings formed the frames. These were placed on a platform with consideration of the keel, rudder fairing and the gunwale supports at the sheer line. The forward keel was formed in sections and laid. The rudder was carefully planned for the needed operational engineering. The gunwale support was installed. By the end of January it was looking like and anthropological project.

 J-PLUG002 J-PLUG014 J-PLUG022 J-PLUG027
 J-PLUG030 J-PLUG031 J-PLUG032 J-PLUG036

The center keel section was then installed connecting the rudder fairing to the forward keel. The gunwale at the sheer line was finished and a support for the sides installed. Temptation brought out the Whirlwind J boat for comparison. They were now into February.


The rest of February was the painstaking process of planking and sanding. The transom was installed and faired.


March began with the details of the hull. Dimensional checks were made and what would be the fabricated hull's flange was faired. The entire hull was faired and fretted with. It was then glassed and faired again. The bottom of a racing sailboat will make or break even the most skilled skipper. Then it was painted with Imron. She was now ready for the mold building.


"Yes Vern, that is an EC12 along side."